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Invest in the future of your memories.

Emortal will enable families to preserve and pass on something very important; their digital legacies. Most people think their family photos, videos, stories and important documents are safe but in reality - they risk being lost forever. We provide the solution to that problem.

Pre-registration is now closed, but the Crowdcube site itself is open to friends and family, so you can invest now and join existing family and friends investors who are behind one of the most profound digital product innovations to come on the market.

Don’t miss out on the future of family memories.

We’re working with Crowdcube to raise money to launch in the UK and USA in Q3 2021.

This exclusive crowdfunding round will go live in the next few days and we expect high demand. To ensure that you can take part in this raise; we recommend you invest now before the site is open to the public.

About this investment round.

We’re working with the Future Fund and the British Business Bank, which makes this round a unique one. Your investment will convert to Ordinary Shares at the completion of our next raise.

This current investment round comes with some unique benefits: 

  1. 8% interest p.a. Your investment earns 8% interest p.a. until it converts.

  2. Get Ordinary Shares. Your investment converts to Ordinary Shares, regardless of how much you’ve invested.

  3. 20% discount. When your investment converts, your share price will be discounted by 20%.

  4. Your investment is matched. For every pound you invest, the Future Fund and the British Business Bank will match your investment in Emortal (subject to their approval process).

  5. Valuation Cap. Your investment converts to Ordinary Shares at the value of the company today, regardless of the future valuation of the company going forward.


Being part of the Future Fund is a great boost for this investment round. It means that when you invest Emortal will receive two times your investment via matched 1:1 Future Funding.

We will use investor funds to launch and to grow our business value with a view thereafter to negotiate favourable terms for our Series A financing round from a position of strength.

Frequently asked questions​:

How do I invest?

Who can invest?

Am I guaranteed a return on this investment?

How much can I invest?

Is this investment eligible for EIS?

Why is Emortal crowdfunding?

What is a “convertible investment”?


Remember your capital is at risk.

We strongly believe that investing should be for everyone, but equity investing is not without its risks. Investing in start-ups involves multiple risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.


Your investment could be locked in for a long time, as you don’t get a return until we exit (i.e. we’re bought or go to market in an IPO). Investing in a convertible is the same level of risk as investing directly for equity in a startup company and your capital remains at risk.