• Phil Edmonds

Return of the Bug Hunters

The second tranche of our Closed Beta test has started this week, and the Bug Hunters are back in the Emortal app searching for anything that might go wrong before we launch in the autumn.

We've obviously done our best to fix all the bugs that were found in the first round, so let's see what new ones get thrown up…

With over 50 professional testers working with the Emortal app over 5 consecutive days testing Registration, file uploads, the Safe environment as well Albums, Share, Lifeline and Time Capsules across both the UK and the USA we don't think well miss anything that may turn up - that's a total of over 18,000 screen views!

In addition to testing the functionality they'll also be testing Family sharing and comments. Although they discovered a few bugs out there in the software jungle the first round we were able to fix them all, so we're optimistic that we're in very good shape now!

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