• Andy DeSallis

Product Feature - Time Capsule

Send messages way into the future that can only be opened at a time and date set by you. Receive messages from loved ones from the past. Watch a demo video here…

We all have stories, perspectives and insights that we’d like our kids and their kids to benefit from. But we won’t always be there to impart our wisdom directly to them. Time Capsules from emortal change all that. Now you can send messages into the future and set the exact time and date when they’ll be released.

Film, pictures, voice, documents - these can all be forwarded securely to generations ahead of us, quietly ticking away until they’re ready to be viewed. You decide on the content and you decide when it can be seen. The recipient will be sent a message that they’ve been sent a Time Capsule and they’ll be able to see the years, weeks, minutes and seconds counting down. Just imagine the anticipation.

What a wonderful way to project yourself into the future.

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