• Andy DeSallis

Product Feature - Share

Share the moments that matter via a private family network that you control, where only the people you know get to know the real you. Watch a demo video here…

Our family matters to us and, as importantly, these family matters should be private. Now you can share the moments that matter via your very own private family social network – that you, and only you, control.

Share life’s moments together with family the way you want to: no ads, no gimmicks, no pop-ups, no interruptions and no unwelcome friends. Share family life together just like you do in real life - ensuring that only the people you know get to know the real you.

You can share videos stories, thoughts and albums - in fact just about anything you want to. With no more waiting around for downloads - because we cache your favourite memories onto your phone.

So wherever you are, whatever the signal, the most precious family moments are yours to enjoy again and again at the touch of a button.

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