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How Colin Culross, Emortal Founder, can save your life

Updated: Jan 27

Emortal Founder Colin Culross

Why do we say “your life saved” at Emortal…?

Well, I know a little bit about that, because my very first job, when I was a young man, was as a fireman in London, and I can tell you one thing, fact; the minute the fire was out, and the minute we got people out of the house and saved their life, we had to hold onto them to stop them going back in to try and get their memories. Their pictures, their stories.

So, even though I didn't realise it then, I knew that memories were important. I’m a human being; my memories matter to me. They matter. I love nothing more than spending time with my family, remembering the good old days. And we all move on a little bit in time - I'm now a dad, a parent. Life changes a lot then, and your value system changes as well - when my youngest daughter, Jools, was diagnosed with cancer… that’s got to be one of the most frightening things that's ever going to face me in my life.

We had a 5-year battle to save her life, and she is around today - she is everything that a teenager is but, during that time, the thought of losing her was just terrifying. and I thought about saving her memory, I thought about just saving her story so that, god forbid we lose her, it will always be there.

And that’s why I founded Emortal.

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