• Phil Edmonds

Emortal goes live on Crowdcube

We are live on CrowdCube. Thank you so much, everyone, for being involved and the support you have given us, this is a very exciting time for our business. Now we are live on the platform we will soon welcome the general public to our campaign.

We have up to 30 days to hit our target before closing the round. It would be amazing if you could head over to our page and show us some support.

Investments are welcome from £10, no matter the size of your investment, your role as an investor is greatly appreciated. Campaigns that have a high number of individual investors are more attractive to the online community of investors which will help us hit our target sooner.

If you have any questions please can you direct them to the CrowdCube platform as the discussion panel is a great place for others to look into your questions/answers and make an informed investment. Like all investments capital is at risk, however, we look to mitigate this through transparency and regular updates on our performance.

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