Your Questions. Answered.

Given the popularity of the recent "Ask us anything" webinar that was held on Wednesday 17th February, we have posted the full, unedited version here.

Watch Emortal Founder, Colin Culross, and famed tech evangelist and former Google Director of Strategic Initiatives, Richard Whitt, answer your questions here.

Individual questions posted below…

"Ask us anything" Webinar video Q&A:

An Introduction to Emortal from Colin and Richard.

Q1: What is the cost of the service?

Q2: How would difficult family relationships be handled?

Q3: Can you summarise how your service will differentiate from Dropbox?

Q4: This is a solution to a problem that isn't really recognised by "the young"… will this affect pricing?

Q5: What happens if you stop paying your monthly fee?

Q6: What is your USP?

Q7: Is there a potential discount for Investors?

Q8: Do you see yourself as a replacement or a supplement to cloud storage?

Q9: How do you guarantee privacy?

Q10: All my files and relationships are digital and all over the place. Would emortal be able to assist? 

Q11: Will the shares pay dividends?

Q12: How long do you anticipate this capital lasting?

Q13: Is there (S)EIS approval?

Q14: What will the raise money be used for?

Q15: The first few years are ambitious to say the least - can you discuss?

Q16: How will the curation actually work?

Q17: Who do you think will adopt the service?

Q18: Is this only accessible through a mobile device?

Q19: Is there a franchise opportunity around the curation of this data?

Q20: Could you give your estimation of possible value in 5 years?

Q21: How will Emortal be marketed to drive uptake?

Closing remarks from Colin and Richard.